For half-technical and small volume production we propose mixers and disolvers based on mobile process containers – on wheels, or adapted for transportation with forklifts or pallete trucks. Depending on needs we will deliver slow-speed (mixers) or high-speed (disolvers) devices.

Our devices, according to needs, are delivered with fluent rate control (inverter) or with fixed rpm. Depending on destination, devices can be equipped with  mixing tools (types: propeler, turbine,butterfly, Lenarths shield, dispergation shield, double dispergation shields and frame-anchor systems). Optionally we also deliver degassing and weighting systems.

Our control systems are based on leading european suppliers which allows us to ensure reliability of our products, supported by a 2 year warranty.

Our mobile system devices are used in following example production applications:

  • paints, varnishes, emulsions and enamels,
  • anti-corrosive products,
  • glues, fillers and silicons,
  • plasters and filling compounds,
  • fluids, schampoos, pastes,
  • creams, inks and nail lacquers
  • make`up
  • plant health products and pesticides, insecticides
  • fungicides
  • microbiology products,
  • medical products requiring dispergation,
  • gelcoats,
  • dispersive stiffening coatings,
  • and many more

disolwer kadziowy      disolwer

miło nam poinformować, że nasza Firma znalazła się wśród laureatów prestiżowego grona „Diamentów Forbesa” 2020. „Diamenty Forbesa” to doroczny ranking przedsiębiorstw, które w ostatnich trzech latach najskuteczniej zwiększyły swoją wartość.



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